• About school

          • About school

          • Our school is quite special as there are actually two schools in one. One part is a secondary grammar school. We have 8 classical classes of the type – two in each grade. The second part of the school is specialized in sports. We have classes for individual sports students and for collective sports students. Sports practised by the pupils here are for example: swimming, light athletics, golf, tennis, judo, karate, horse riding as well as football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey or baseball.


            Our campus is exceptional with a range and quality of facilities. Our dedicated staff provides education with high academic achievement. We welcome pupils aged 11 to 19.   



    • Kontakty

      • Spojená škola, Jána Bottu 31, Trnava (organizačné zložky: Stredná športová škola Jozefa Herdu; Gymnázium)
      • sportgym@zupa-tt.sk
      • +421 / 033 / 5983811
      • J. Bottu 31, 917 87 Trnava Slovakia
      • 53242599
      • PaedDr. Peter Toman, riaditeľ školy
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